About Us

At Tedboy, breads and pastries are made from scratch and baked daily in our kitchen.

Flour, eggs, butter and yeast are the core ingredients to make our bread & pastries, not premixes, enhancers and flavoring. It is a laborious job and our passionate bakers & pastry chefs start as early as 5am to get our freshly baked products to the shelves daily.

Tedboy Bakery is born out of love.

Love for fresh bread, good coffee and our son Ted.

- Edward & Patrina, founders

Everything we make is with Ted boy in mind, hence only the highest quality products will make it to our shelves. As they are handmade, sometimes the pastries/bread differs slightly in appearance but we do believe strongly on our tagline, “It tastes even better than it looks!” Take it from a mummy’s perspective: sometimes the dinner we cooked didn’t turn out perfect, but it certainly was cooked with love for our family and friends.

As Ted (the little boy) and the bakery grew (we are 4 years old now, he is 4.5 years old), we promise to continue serving wholesome goodness food every day, emphasising on fresh ingredients, homemade recipes and healthy drinks (no artificial syrup and whipped cream). Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese and Mini Sausage Bun are Ted’s favourite and he visits the bakery often for his meals. This is his safe haven, and we hope it will be your cosy retreat too.

Our mission is to have Tedboy as the place that serves wholesome goodness goods, our bread and pastry free from preservatives & additives.

All our daily unsold bread & pastries are donated to charity homes. We partner with charity organisations such as Ti-Ratana, Kechara Soup Kitchen, Grace Assembly Church and other independent individuals feeding their homeless friends on the streets of KL. We do not shout out about it as we believe that charity comes from the heart. If we manage to touch any individual's life by providing a meal when they are hungry, that is more than enough.

We serve all day breakfast, gourmet sandwiches, pizzas, burgers and pasta all with a healthy twist so your tummy will thank you for it. End your meal with delectable cakes and coffee or have a cup of tea with a good book over at our many cosy corners.

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