Happy Chinese New Year from Tedboy!

Posted on Friday, Jan 20 2017 on 03:08 PM
Every year, Tedboy celebrates Chinese New Year with our specially made festive products–and this year is no different! We introduce our cookie tower called Tower of Fortune, with premium cookies made in our kitchen as well as new flavours to welcome the festive season!

For new height of fortune and propserity, let’s usher in the Year of the Fire Rooster by crowing to new beginnings, prosperity, longevity and happiness!

Tower of Fortune and its cookies are carefully selected, made and packed within our kitchen:

Almond Biscotti, is made of pure vanilla pasta and premium whole almonds thinly sliced for the crispy texture. Biscotti means ‘twice-baked’, originated from Italy and usually dipped in a drink! Almonds are the perfect source of healthy fats, fiver, protein, magnesium and vitamin E, and one of the best way to enjoy almonds is having it baked into a biscotti.

We introduce a new addictive snack (crunchy and simply delicious): Prawn Rolls! Prawns are traditionally symbolic of ‘Liveliness’ or ‘Happiness’. In Cantonese, the pronunciation of prawns (‘ha’), sounds like laughter. What more, the shape of the rolls resembles a gold bar–which a combination of both meanings: hope for a wholesome and fulfilling life!

We not only use coffee for drinks… we also use it to make delicious coffee cookies with chocolate chips! One of our newest invention, this cookie is delicious and excellent for gifting for coffee lovers. It gives a new (and modern) taste to celebrate this New Year! Now, who’s up for this?

For a healthy and fruity flavour, we have created our this-season-only Orange & Thyme Cookies! Oranges are a symbol of prosperity and wealth (gold), while thyme just adds to the delectable flavour of the cookie. These two ingredients complement each other so well that we keep asking for more!


Tower of Fortune is retailing this festive season for RM72 per unit/set, and it is available at all Tedboy Bakery, Tedboy Express and Em by Tedboy outlets!

Purchase 10 units, and get 1 unit free!

PS: How to get the best deal?
Pay using your Standard Chartered credit card, and be entitled for 10% off total bill!

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