Reunion With You

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 6 2018 on 12:31 PM
Every Chinese New Year is always a big festive season for us with all the traditional red paper lanterns, decorated together with cherry blossoms! From research, trial-and-error, product development and to execution, our team worked really hard to bring the best to you! We believe we pulled it off, in such a short period of time, and hope that you have enjoyed it too.

As Tedboy is grown from the foundation of love for the family (and Ted), we would like to emphasize the importance of family gatherings and reunions with our loved ones–be it near or far. Every year, we gather to celebrate this festive season, with joy and laughter and sharing the amazing food prepared by our mother (or grandmother!) hands.

This year, we introduce our Reunion Box by reminiscing traditional flavours (and your Grandma’s cookies!) as well as bringing new cookie products to you:

Salted Egg Yolk Cookies

Our star product this year (and an experimental one too!), bringing you cookies infused with salted duck egg yolks. You will like this sweet and salty, crumbly yet soft cookies, with a light brush of egg yolk and sprinkled with sesame seed. The perfect savoury delicacy for the afternoons to go with your hot drink!

Traditional Peanut Cookies

We bring back our crowd favourite, peanut delight, baked with traditional ingredients. You will get to taste the nutty flavour, and crumbly cookie that melts in your mouth. Addictive, so you better keep some for yourself or it’d be gone in a matter of seconds!

Butter Cookies with Cherry

Another melt-in-your-mouth cookie (we say, perfect for older folks!) which is very soft yet buttery with a slightly chewy bit of dried cherry. Piped in a round wave-like shape, this cookie is new to our stores, and will definitely delight those who love milky & creamy flavour!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

…with nutty texture! Our new recipe filled with chocolate chips and nuts, this cookie is definitely a child’s favourite. Paired with hot coffee or tea, this cookies gives a sweet balance to your hot drink as well as a crowd pleaser. You can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies!

To complete our cookies, we have surrounded our 4 homemade cookies with (individually packed) Fortune Cookies!

What are ‘Fortune Cookies’?

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Funnily, it’s easier to find these fortune cookies in the West, compared to Asian countries! That’s because fortune cookies are (claimed to be) originated from the US! (Shocking!) A fortune cookie is a crispy and sugary cookie with a piece of paper inside, called a ‘fortune’ to let you find out your vague prophecy. So what is your fortune this year?

Tedboy Club Members

Our members will be benefiting from this Reunion Box the most, as they will be offered a special member price, together with reward point collection from every Ringgit spend! Are you a member yet? Drop by our outlets to register today!

***From 4-11 February 2018, Tedboy Club Members get to earn double reward points with purchase of any amount of Reunion Box!***

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