On the Menu

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 1 2012 on 02:38 PM
After a month since we first open our doors, we are still constantly tasting and refining our recipes to always make sure that we serve you our best at Tedboy Bakery. So, these are among the items on our menu that has made it past our stringent panel of judges (a great big thank you to all our family and friends).

Fiber Mania Juices - Pure fruit blends to retain the best in every fruit. From the left: Red Dragon (red dragon fruit, green & red apple), Oozy Orange (whole mango & oranges), Green Mint (kiwi, green apple, pineapple & mint leaves) and The O.J. (orange, orange & orange).

Juicy Chicken / Beef Burger

Scramble Eggs with Toast
Scramble Eggs with Toast + Turkey Ham (just add RM1)

Pears and Parmesan Salad - Succulent green pears, grated parmesan cheese and walnuts on a bed of rocket.

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