Mathilda's Full Moon Party!

Posted on Saturday, Jun 28 2014 on 05:00 PM
Phew, the dreaded confinement period is over! Now is the time for a little full moon party to welcome Mathilda to everyone!

For readers who are unfamiliar with the tradition of full moon celebrations... Once a baby turns one-month old, there is a celebration of the first full month of life (the Chinese term translates as “full moon” or “full month”). This also coincides with the end of the new mother’s confinement period, so both baby and mother are formally introduced to extended family and friends. At the celebration, guests eat traditional foods including nasi kunyit (tumeric rice), chicken curry, hard-boiled eggs with red-dyed shells, pickled ginger and ang koo kuih (literally “red turtle cake”). Guests often bring gifts for the newest addition to the family.

Mathilda’s full moon party took place at home on 28th June 2014. Technically, she was a few days shy of being 1 month-old, but you can celebrate the full moon earlier but not later than the actual 1-month-old date.

The lovely Tedboy team put in a fantastic effort to organise nibbles, cakes and ‘custom-made’ cookies for Mathilda’s big party. This meant that mummy and daddy could spend the morning getting Mathilda ready for her big day, rather than rushing around trying to get everything ready before the guests arrived.

Custom Made Cookies
Custom made cookies for Lil' Mathilda!

Finger food from Tedboy
Bruschettas and Devil's Eggs from Tedboy.

The main food caterer was Tuk Tuk catering, and I can say, the food was absolutely delicious! The guests had more than enough to eat, Ted (Mathilda’s big brother) was thrilled to play with his friends and cousins, whilst the star of the moment, Mathilda, was happily asleep through most of the drama, oblivious to the world and her adoring fans! In true diva style, she did wake up for her photo shoot though!

Mathilda and her gifts!
Lil' Mathilda and all the lovely gifts!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Mathilda’s special celebration, gave lovely gifts and sent thoughtful messages. Happy Full Moon Mathilda! May you grow up to be kind, happy, healthy and wise!  

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