Contest: Lucky Fortune Cookie

Are you the lucky one?

Besides holding the fortune (and your supposed future) in the palm of your hand, these delicious orange-flavoured bits are a treat too! All fortune cookies are fun and games, until one becomes a real prize! Mixed in all other fortune cookies, are some lucky ones, where you will get a lil something from us!

If you have gotten the fortune cookie that says: “You win RM30* from Tedboy!….”

Come to us immediately (same day)! Approach our staff and, we guaranteed you’ll get cash vouchers worth RM30 from us! There are only 150 pieces of this lucky fortune cookie message, so the more you buy or get the fortune cookies, the higher the chances!
How to win:
  1. Be the one to get the Lucky Fortune Cookie Message
  2. Present the “Lucky Fortune Cookie Message” to outlet on the same day, together with Receipt of Purchase
  3. Fill up the form provided by outlet
  4. Receive prize Cash Vouchers worth RM30 from Tedboy!

Terms & Conditions Apply:
  • There is only one type of “lucky fortune cookie message”. Other fortune cookie messages will not be entertained.
  • Customer must present the “lucky fortune cookie message” and “receipt of purchase” to outlet, on the same day of purchase
  • Customer is required to fill up form provided by outlet
  • Customer can only use the voucher in their next purchase
  • Redemption period of this prize, till 28 February 2018.


You didn’t get a fortune cookie from us?

Here are 2 ways to obtain our fortune cookies (and stand a chance to be the lucky one too!)

1. Go to any of our Tedboy outlets. With every spend of RM30, you get a complimentary fortune cookie!

2. Not happy with the first cookie? Purchase as many as you like, at RM3 per piece of Fortune Cookie!