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Pear Hélène (whole cake) - Front
Pear Hélène (whole cake) - Close-up


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Introducing Tedboy’s Pear Hélène cake, our very own rendition of the Poire Belle Hélène, named after the La Belle Hélène (The Beautiful Hélène) operetta.

Like an opera that has many acts, Tedboy’s Pear Hélène is made of many layers. First, the German Chocolate base made with Valrhona cocoa, spotted with raisins and walnuts. Then a layer of custard cheese with poached pear slices, topped with Valrhona choc filling, shortcake and drawn to the finale with a fine layer of cake crumble.

Approximate weight 700gm for a 6in cake.
Kindly note the birthday age for us to provide the birthday candles.

* Please allow 24 hours' notice for all cake orders.
* For cake sizes above 6", please allow 3-5 days of customisation.