Variety of Selection


About This Coffee Blend
Café Granja La Esperanza has grown since the first farm “Potosi” was created in 1950 in the Caicedonia area. Today, it is one of the leading farms in Colombia, producing some of the best coffees in the world. The farm has been recognized three times for producing the best coffee of the year in Colombia by Specialty Coffee Association of America. This coffee has a lively aroma with citrus and almonds flavors. It is a delicious clean cup with a good body, crisp acidity and very pronounced sweetness stone fruits.

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About Coffeebrewer
The Coffeebrewer by The Brew Company is the first world single origin ready-to-brew disposable coffeebrewer. We are keen to bring our product to the consumer in Malaysia because of its portable advantage, unique design of brewing system, as well as the quality of the coffee. We truly believe that this special product will become the upcoming trend and hot topic among Malaysian.

The Bean
All our coffee are single estate specialty coffee which are being categorised into super premium gourmet coffee. Our coffee came from a coffee farm or coop that we disclose on the backside label and Grower’s Cup homepage. Basically, we work with provenance in the same way as it’s known from a bottle of wine.

The Idea
The idea of the Coffeebrewer is to offer coffee-lovers the FREEDOM to enjoy gourmet coffee regardless of the place and situation. Our Coffeebrewer is an amazing and tasty treat that can be enjoyed at home, when travelling, at work, at university, on holidays, when you are outdoor etc. All it takes is a bit of hot water. No machines, no cleaning, no hassle, no nonsense!

The Knowhow
The rich taste of our coffee is brewed and served by our coffeebrewer with innovative filter design which combined a pour-over filter brew with french press. When you pour in the hot water directly on the fresh coffee grounds, it basically washes out and extracts the aroma very effectively. In fact if you pour in hot water in slow circular movement and thus steep the coffee, you can make the coffee bloom with a crema on top. As the coffee sits in the hot water for 4 – 6 minutes, you will experience the rich and full bodied taste known from the french press. We have tested the coffeebrewer up against other coffee brewing concepts in a state-of-the-art laboratory test. The coffeebrewer outperformed other traditional coffee concepts and came second only to the french press cafetiere in extracting and delivering a rich taste.