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Awfully Chocolate Cake (Whole)

Dark and rich, this chocolate cake is made of Valrhona choc with a layer of crispy feuilletine.
RM 75.00 excl tax RM 52.50 excl tax

Banana Walnut Pound Cake (Whole)

Requires min 3~5 days preorder
RM 15.40 excl tax

BBQ Chicken, Egg Mayo & Tuna Mayo Sandwiches Catering Box

Sandwiched between wholemeal bread slices are savoury and delicious fillings!

32 pieces per catering box, 3 flavours
RM 105.00 excl tax RM 73.50 excl tax

Black Forest Cake (Whole)

Light Valrhona chocolate sponge cake layered with chocolate whipped cream and dark cherries.
RM 70.00 excl tax RM 49.00 excl tax

Blueberry Cheesecake (Whole)

Soft and creamy cheese cake, topped and filled with rich blueberry puree!
RM 150.00 excl tax RM 105.00 excl tax

Cappuccino Mousse Cake (Whole)

A light milk coffee mousse cake with coffee chiffon layer. Surely a hit with the coffee lovers!
RM 68.00 excl tax RM 47.60 excl tax

Chantilly Fresh Fruit Cake

Made of Chantilly cream and a mixture of fresh fruits such as peach, kiwi and more.
RM 65.00 excl tax RM 45.50 excl tax

Chocolate Pound Cake (Whole)

Requires min 3~5 days preorder
RM 22.00 excl tax RM 15.40 excl tax