Baby Breath Flower White Wrapper (50Gram)

Medium size. Baby Breath Flowers come in a variety of colours. The best surprise gift for your loved ones!
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A cake or food to be sent as surprise or gifts to your family and friends is not enough? Tedboy is now partnering with 50gram (a local florist shop) to bring you more gifting add-on options for a merrier celebration paired with great food!


Baby Breath also known as Gypsophila. It generally stands for everlasting love and innocence. A popular flower across the world. The Baby Breath series come with different colors: Aqua, Candy, Lavender, Lime, Sky, and Rainbowghini.

Medium Size: 47-55cm ( H ) x 25-28cm ( W )

Flower Care:
  • Keep the fresh flowers in air-conditioned or well-ventilated room to make sure the flowers can breathe. Avoid direct to sunlight and heat. Spray some water on the flower buds to hydrate them. 
  • Fresh flowers usually last 2-4 days, however for prolonged shelf life, it depends on the storage or environmental conditions. All bouquets come with a wet cotton at the stem area to ensure the flowers can absord water. 


About 50Gram

One of the big brothers in the floral industry with a very good reputation. It all started in 2016 when the 2 brothers Spring Wong and Titus Wong had a limited choice of flower designs for Mother's Day gift. That was when they realized the golden opportunity to create an easier way for people to purchase flowers through e-commerce platforms and also to create interactive and unique flower gifting experiences. The company's mission is to help customers to EXPRESS GRATITUDE IN THE SIMPLEST WAY.

Size [Medium Size] 47-55cm ( H ) x 25-28cm ( W )
Shelf Life 2-4 days, depending on the storage or environmental conditions.
Delivery Time Next day delivery from Monday to Saturday 12pm onwards.