Bundle of Three

Purchase any 3 Catering Boxes and get a complimentary Tedboy's limited edition notebook!

From RM210.00
RM 0.00 excl tax


Select any three catering boxes of your choices, and get free:

  • Tedboy's limited edition notebook (random colour), worth RM25

Kindly pick your choices from the drop-down menu of each column.

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Bundle of Six

Purchase any 6 Catering Boxes, get 1 bottle of Tedboy Tumbler for free, together with a notebook and 10pcs Cash Vouchers RM10!

From RM420.00
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Bundle of Four

Purchase any 4 Catering Boxes, get a free bottle of Tedboy Tumbler, and notebook!

From RM280.00
RM 0.00 excl tax

Mini Charcoal Croissant Sandwich Box

Signature charcoal croissants with savoury fillings in between.

20 assorted pieces per box
RM 100.00 excl tax

Pandan Layer Cake

Old-school and all-time favourite cake with pandan kaya layers!
RM 65.00 excl tax

Mango Delight (Whole)

Mango mousse cake made with real mango puree, sponge fingers and topped with peach slices and chocolate decoration.
RM 70.00 excl tax