Cajun Chic Sesame Salad (Salad To-Go)

The incredible creamy, crunchy and fresh Cajun Chic Sesame Salad. All-together it's a perfect combination!
RM 13.60 excl tax

Finger lickin' good Cajun Chic Sesame Salad. All time favourite. It contains the right amount of crunchy and fresh salad with flavourful chicken.

(Approximately: 230g)

Ingredients: Iceberg lettuce, carrot, grilled cajun chicken, fried wanton skin, spring onion, white sesame seed, baby romaine, hoisin dressing.

Ingredients Grilled chicken (chicken breast, olive oil, basil, thyme, salt, black pepper, chicken stock), turkey ham, croutons, parmesan cheese shavings, baby romaine, caesar dressing
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