[CNY] Walnut Chocolate Chips Cookies

Tedboy's delectable homemade Walnut Chocolate Chips Cookies packed in an air-tight container. 18 pcs per box.
RM 25.00 excl tax
RM 17.50 excl tax

Chinese New Year celebrations are probably gonna be different as it's the first time we could not have gatherings and cross states with pandemic control measures. Still, it does not mean that we can't spend joyfully as we had in the past.

Let's celebrate this year's Chinese New Year with Tedboy's delectable housemade tarts in air-tight container. 

Walnut Chocolate Chips Cookies (±290g)

招财进宝 - To bring in wealth and treasure

Ingredients: Flour, Chocolate Chips, Sugar, Butter, Egg, Oil, Walnut, Brown Sugar, Milk, Vanilla Essence and Tartar Powder.

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