Donation Wholemeal Bread (Whole Loaf)

A donation drive to send bread loaves to Hospital Sg Buloh, Pantai Dalam & Segambut community! Donate 1 whole loaf and we will match with another additional loaf (as part of our daily committed loaves to this 3 locations)
RM 19.80 excl tax
RM 9.90 excl tax

For every loaf you donate, Tedboy will match with another loaf, to be delivered to Hospital Sg Buloh frontliners, Pantai Dalam & Segambut community!

Meaning 1 loaf will be from you, and another will be from us. This is as part of our committed daily loaves that we are sending to the hospital and these 2 communities, every single day. Verified by our local YB!

What will happened after your donation?

We will collect and compile the donated loaves from you into a single delivery (including the matching quantity from us), and send it directly to the 3 locations. We are currently sending out a minimum of 300 loaves daily as part of our own contribution and we welcome your additional support! 

For more info, visit: https://bit.ly/3jL4GKQ


Why Hospital Sg Buloh?

Since MCO 1, Hospital Sg Buloh has been the main player in treating all COVID-19 patients. 

However even after the battle, the increase of patients has becoming a stress to the frontliners who lack of rest, resources, emotional and mental support as well as not able to meet their families and loved ones due to their job requirement. 

It is a sacrifice to be a doctor, a nurse, or anyone working in this industry as a frontliner.


What Tedboy Is Doing

Back to MCO1.0 in March 2020, we had been sending about 200 packs of whole wholemeal loaves to Hospital Sg Buloh during the first wave of the pandemic. It was by our own efforts, supported by our very own friends and families and our trusted suppliers.

As the cases rise and the enforcement of MCO3.0, we decided in June 2021 to restart our donation of the wholemeal loaves to the hospital, to bring some comfort and assurance that there are people out there cheering for the frontliners. We want them to not lose hope, and for us to do what we can within our capabilities, no matter how small or big it is.

Not only that, we have just expanded our areas and reach out to the communities in Lembah Pantai and Segambut. 


We urge you to help too!

Tedboy is opening this effort to anyone who wish to use us as a platform to channel your support to the frontliners in Hospital Sg Buloh and the community at Pantai Dalam and Segambut who struggle to feed their families. 

We alone are only one part of the effort.

We need a combined collaboration to create a better impact! 


# Gallery of our contribution together with our partners, family and friends:


# Our past contribution:




# Please pardon our required checkout process for this Donation Drive:

Upon checkout, you may select any date and time that is available, however we will consolidate the orders and allocate equally to the mentioned locations accordingly. 

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