Drip Coffee Senorita by Sprezzatura (5pcs/set)

Expect sweet peach, dark chocolate aroma, heavy body with rounded mouthfeel and prune & nutty after taste.
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Sprezzatura Drip Coffee – Bakers Blues

Now your coffee will be ready in just a few minutes with our Señorita Drip Bags. 

A cup that comforts you through out your day. Expect sweet peach, dark chocolate aroma, heavy body with rounded mouthfeel and prune & nutty after taste. This blend consist of Colombia Antiquioua Supremo And Colombia Norte De Santander.


Pack Size: 10g X 5 Sachets
Net Weight: 100g


What’s a drip bag coffee?

Drip Bag Coffee is basically a filter bag filled with coffee grounds, cleverly folded with a paper stand attached. Expand and hang the bag over a cup and you will get a cup of fresh hand-poured coffee simply by pouring hot water into it.

Stimulate your coffee senses as you sip this high quality roast, which is carefully packed and sealed, and enjoy a delicious coffee experience in the comfort of your home or at an outdoor environment!


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About Sprezzatura:

Founded in June 2013, Sprezza Coffee is both a specialty coffee shop and coffee roaster. We take pride in our direct relationship with farmers in Indonesia especially in the region of Sulawesi, Flores and Java island. 

Every year since our inception, we take the time to visit our farmers during the harvesting period. Every member of the team at Sprezza Coffee will be given a chance to experience farm visit as we see this as part of the most important learning process. Understanding what is happening at the farm, is essential for our part to educate our customers and clientele. 

Our approach to green buying is simply for long-term relationship. We want to build trust with the farmers and share our experience with roasting their coffee. The exchange of knowledge will eventually help both of us grow together.

More about Sprezzatura : https://sprezzaturacoffee.com/


Note: As printer and box suppliers during this MCO are not opened, drip bags will be sent without box and coloured labels.

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