Foodpanda: Out With The Old, In With The New

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Out with the old, in with the new.

From now on, enjoy RM3 delivery fee and RM10 minimum spend! Foodpanda is now bringing your all-time favourites to you for less – permanently.

So, why wait now?


Order Tedboy on Foodpanda:


Tedboy Bakery @ Telawi Bangsar KL

Tedboy Bakery @ Jaya One PJ

Tedboy Express @ Seksyen 51A PJ



What customers say about Tedboy's food via Foodpanda:


Omg I love love love your club sandwich! It’s the best I’ve tasted!

Their sandwiches were pretty good. Tried the chicken and avocado sandwich and smoked salmon with mango croissant. It won't necessary fill you up but they still tasted yumcious.

A responsible and kindly cake store,and the cake is very beautiful and delicious^ - ^

Specifically the tiramisu, which is definitely the best i've had in malaysia... and trust me i've tried them all.

If sandwiches are your pick, they have a good selection. Comes with fries or coleslaw. Tasty. Delivered warm.

Food / Bagels was yummy, that is because I like anything bread.

They were generous enough to fulfill my request of extra yummy garlic toasts 👍🏻 Thank you! I'm a huge fan of your tomato soup!

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