Market Bundle - Summer (WKP)

Our Market Flowers come wrapped in recyclable brown kraft paper. They will not be arranged/styled and will leave this to your creativity!
Delivery date: Next Day Delivery From 12pm Onwards
RM 89.00 excl tax

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Unleash the creative side of you!

Primary flower varieties in this bundle are: Sunflowers, Daisies and Alstroemerias. Colours for these flowers (except sunflowers) may vary slightly from time to time. Filler flowers & leaves may vary in variety/colour from time to time too.

Our Market Flowers come wrapped in recyclable brown kraft paper. They will not be arranged/styled and will leave this to your creativity! 


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Established in 2016, WhichKraft Projekt started with the sale of just balloons back then. In a 100 sq. ft. room that acted as their workspace, our two co-founders, Su Enn and Sue Ann (yup, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you!), wanted to change up the local party scene in Malaysia.
And  from a party of two, we’ve grown to a small, close-knit team of party stylists, florists, krafters + balloonists that design, style + create an atmosphere of luxe, love and all things nice. We are dedicated in krafting bespoke memorable moments at our clients' events.

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What if the recipient is not there to receive the order?
We strongly advise that you arrange for someone to receive the delivery (the recipient’s friend/colleague perhaps?). Delivery fee is only for the first attempt, if delivery is unsuccessful on the 1st attempt, the items will be sent back to us and an additional fee will be applicable for the 2nd attempt.
So it's pretty crucial to provide us with the recipient's complete address and contact number, preferably of the person that'll be receiving the delivery. 

Why do my flowers look different from the webshop photo?
Our bouquets are uniquely krafted and made to order so no two bouquets are the same. The photos are actual arrangements of previous bouquets that we arranged and delivered to real customers like you.


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How do I keep my flowers fresh?
Fresh flowers can last for more a couple of days if the right steps are taken. Always keep the flowers in a cool place and change the water every other day.

  1. Flower Bouquets - Grab your best jar or vase and fill it up with clean, lukewarm water. Remove all the wrapping, thoroughly clean the stems and trim an inch off the bottom bit at an angle. Arrange them in the jar, making sure all the stems are submerged under water.
  2. Flowers in a Vase - Re-trim the stems and change the water every other day to keep it clean. Remove any leaves or petals below the waterline and snip off dying flowers as they begin to wilt to maintain healthy blooms. 


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As flowers are seasonal, we cannot guarantee that you will get all the flowers as shown on our website or in any reference photos sent to/by you. But we can guarantee that we will use the closest alternatives!

  • We also guarantee that we will only use the freshest flowers that are available.
  • As our style is raw and organic, we cannot guarantee that your bouquet will look 100% like our reference photo.


Colours on screen will never be 100% the same as in reality so please take everything with a pinch of salt. We will not entertain any complaints about the pink not being the same shade as the one on their phone. And FYI, colours on different devices also look different.