Mini Cream Puff Box

24 assorted pieces per box
Suitable for 5-8 persons
RM 100.00 excl tax

Specially made for your corporate and office meetings and gatherings, with easy serving (and recycable) tray.

This catering box comes with:

  • Mini Chocolate Ganache Cream Puff x 6pcs
    (chocolate ganache cream filling, melted chocolate ganache)
  • Mini Pandan Kaya Cream Puff x 6pcs
    (pandan kaya, whipping cream, green craquelin topping)
  • Mini Blueberry Custard Cream Puff x 6pcs
    (blueberry custard, icing, whipping cream, lemon juice)
  • Mini Coffee Custard Cream Puff x 6pcs
    (coffee powder, milk, whipping cream, custard, plain craquelin topping)

Serviettes will be provided together with this catering box.