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Mini Cream Puff Catering Box

Homemade profiteroles filled with custard or cream. Yums!

24 assorted pieces per catering box
RM 100.00 excl tax

Specially made for your gatherings, with easy serving (and recycable) catering box.

24 assorted pieces per box. Suitable for 5-8 persons

This catering box comes with:

  • Mini Chocolate Ganache Cream Puff x 6pcs
    (chocolate ganache cream filling, melted chocolate ganache)
  • Mini Pandan Kaya Cream Puff x 6pcs
    (pandan kaya, whipping cream, green craquelin topping)
  • Mini Blueberry Custard Cream Puff x 6pcs
    (blueberry custard, icing, whipping cream, lemon juice)
  • Mini Coffee Custard Cream Puff x 6pcs
    (coffee powder, milk, whipping cream, custard, plain craquelin topping)


What is Tedboy's Drop & go Catering Concept?

We offer a drop & go catering options to all sizes of meetings and gatherings, to be delivered straight to your home!

What we do is, we will deliver your catering orders, arranged and stacked in our recyclable food-grade catering "boxes" (as you see in the picture!) which allows you to serve to your guest immediately without any hassle. These "boxes" are sturdy, and looks good when presenting to your guests.

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