Nasi Kerabu Basmati Ayam Percik by Tuk Tuk

Ala Carte Dish. Nasi Kerabu in uniquely blue, served with traditional ulam, special sambal, and a luscious ayam percik.
RM 20.00 excl tax
RM 16.00 excl tax

Nasi Kerabu is known for its uniquely blue in color, which comes from the extracted purplish blue bunga telang or butterfly pea. Served with finely chopped traditional ulam, special sambal and a luscious ayam percik.


Passionate for food and culture, Tuk Tuk Catering Services also manages events for corporate and education instituion solutions such as meeting refreshments, cocktail launches, cafeteria or canteen set-up and more!

We are a halal certified caterer.

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