Tedboy Totebag

Reusable totebag. Reduce usage of plastic bags, help save the earth together with us.
RM 25.00 excl tax RM 17.50 excl tax

Stainless Steel Thermos Tumbler

Tedboy's Limited Edition, available in black or white
RM 50.00 excl tax RM 35.00 excl tax

Happy Birthday Wreath Topper Silver

A perfect add on to your cakes!
RM 5.00 excl tax

Tedboycooks Kid's Apron

RM 20.00 excl tax

Tedboycooks Kid's Cap

Cotton baseball caps that fits perfectly for kids head size!
RM 25.00 excl tax RM 17.50 excl tax

Tedboycooks Kid's TeeShirt

Specially designed kid's 100% cotton TeeShirt
RM 30.00 excl tax RM 21.00 excl tax

Tedboycooks Magnet Set

Magnetic Schedule Pad & Assorted Food-shaped magnets
RM 35.00 excl tax RM 24.50 excl tax

Glass Jar - 800ML (1 carton/20units)

Crystal clear glass jar with a solid material and flat lid. Extra savings with bulk purchase!
RM 96.00 excl tax RM 76.80 excl tax