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[NEW] Pandan Kaya Swiss Roll

Another classic that is wonderful with every bite that you take. This cake is moist with a twist of Malaysian flavours. Made with fresh pandan juice and coconut milk.
RM 15.00 excl tax

Mixed Rolls

The perfect go-to when you want a variety of flavour soft rolls in a pack!. Pack of 5 pieces.
RM 6.00 excl tax RM 4.20 excl tax

Pandan Layer Cake (Slice)

Old school favourite pandan layer cake
RM 8.50 excl tax RM 6.80 excl tax

Pandan Layer Cake (Whole)

Old-school and all-time favourite cake with pandan kaya layers!
RM 65.00 excl tax RM 52.00 excl tax