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Bundle: 3 Catering Boxes

Purchase any 3 Catering Boxes and get a complimentary Drip Coffee Bags!

From RM210.00
RM 0.00 excl tax

Bundle: 4 Catering Boxes

Purchase any 4 Catering Boxes, get a free Tedboy Tumbler, and Drip Coffee Bags!

From RM280.00
RM 0.00 excl tax

Bundle: 6 Catering Boxes

Purchase any 6 Catering Boxes, get 1 bottle of Tedboy Tumbler for free, together with Tedboy's totebag and Drip Coffee Bags!

From RM420.00
RM 0.00 excl tax

Drop & Go Party Catering

Hassle-free party catering food for small to medium party or gathering! Suitable for 25~30pax.
RM 350.00 excl tax

Family of Buns

A mixture of favourite buns for the family, friends or loved ones. One piece for everyone. No one is left behind!
RM 23.20 excl tax RM 20.80 excl tax