Products tagged with 'sausage'

Charcoal Sausage Bun

Charcoal soft long bun, with filling of chicken sausage, topped with mayonnaise and chilli sauce.
Sold in 6s.
RM 5.50 excl tax

Mini Thousand Layers Pastry Catering Box

Baked with mini thousands of pastry layers, filled with savoury toppings.

24 assorted pieces per catering box
RM 70.00 excl tax RM 49.00 excl tax

Sausage Cheese Bun

Chicken sausages wrapped in soft bun and topped with melted cheddar cheese.
Sold in 6s.
RM 2.80 excl tax

Sausage Cheese Danish

Sold in 6s. Premium chicken sausage, shredded cheddar cheese on a buttery danish pastry.
RM 4.50 excl tax RM 3.15 excl tax

Sausage Egg Sourdough

Sold in 6s. Available only for next-day delivery
RM 5.60 excl tax

Spicy Sausage Bun

Soft bun with chicken sausage, onion and cheese, topped with mayonnaise, chilli sauce and sesame seed.
Sold in 6s
RM 2.80 excl tax RM 1.96 excl tax