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[CNY] LUCKY Money Bag Set

FIRST LUCKY 50 CUSTOMERS will get to purchase 2 sets for the PRICE OF 1!
RM 170.00 excl tax RM 42.50 excl tax

[CNY] Money Bag Set

Tedboy's delectable homemade CNY Cookies & Tarts packed in a limited edition totebag, tied with a ribbon, and message card! 3 flavours of cookies. We wish you a wealthy and healthy Ox Year!
RM 111.00 excl tax RM 85.00 excl tax

[CNY] Walnut Chocolate Chips Cookies

Tedboy's delectable homemade Walnut Chocolate Chips Cookies packed in an air-tight container. 18 pcs per box. We wish you a wealthy and healthy year!
RM 25.00 excl tax