Products tagged with 'chicken'

Ayam Percik Rice

Local favourite chicken thigh with percik sauce and side salad, sprinkled with sesame seed and red chilli
RM 15.00 excl tax

Baked Chicken Lasagna

Homemade baked minced chicken with lasagna layers and lots of cheese, served with side salad
RM 16.00 excl tax

Baked Spiced Chicken with Rice

Marinated spiced chicken served with side salad and homemade sambal belacan
RM 17.00 excl tax

BBQ Chicken Sandwich (To-Go)

BBQ grilled chicken slices, tomato, and baby romaine between wholemeal bread slices.
RM 9.00 excl tax

BBQ Chicken Tortilla Rolls

Crispy tortilla with grilled chicken, served with sour cream and barbeque sauce
RM 16.00 excl tax

Chicken Avocado Sandwich

Grilled chicken layered with avocado, frisee and tomato, held together with melted cheese on sourdough
RM 19.00 excl tax

Chicken Chop with Fries

Breaded boneless chicken leg served with fries and coleslaw
RM 17.00 excl tax

Chicken Floss Bun Catering Box

Sure does catch bread lovers attention, this soft and fluffy bun topped with chicken floss will make you drool!

30 pcs in a box
RM 39.00 excl tax

Chicken Pepperoni Sandwich (To-Go)

Chopped chicken pepperoni, sliced cheddar cheese and baby romaine in between Tedboy's wholemeal bread slices.
RM 9.00 excl tax

Chicken Vegetable Crispy Tortilla

Stacked layers of toasted tortilla packed with onions, eggplant, capsicum, Parmesan, herb tomato and cheese sauce with additional grilled chicken
RM 19.00 excl tax

Creamy Cheese Chicken Pasta

Creamy pasta with garlic chicken slices and homemade chipotle sauce
RM 17.00 excl tax

Creamy Chicken Danish

Beautifully hand-made pastry with creamy vanilla filling and sweet creamy, buttery chicken.

Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 3.60 excl tax