Products tagged with 'almond'

Almond Biscotti Cookie

Crunchy thinly-sliced oblong-shaped biscotti with generous amount of almonds, in a square container
RM 19.90 excl tax RM 13.93 excl tax

Almond Kaya Bun

Handmade pleated pandan kaya bun topped with almond flakes.
Sold in 6s
RM 3.50 excl tax RM 2.45 excl tax

Custard Almond Bun

Sold in 6s
RM 2.10 excl tax RM 1.47 excl tax

L'Opera Cake (Whole)

Coffee-soaked Joconde, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, topped with chocolate glaze
RM 70.00 excl tax RM 49.00 excl tax

Mini Almond Croissant

Sold in 6s
RM 4.20 excl tax RM 2.94 excl tax