Summer Berries Artisan Jam Spread

A jam that has no artificial preservatives. All ingredients are natural. Made with Summer Berries by Michelle's Artisan Spread. 120g/130g.
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Meet the maker

We are a home jam-maker. We love jam. We have jam during breakfast and for afternoon tea. We spread jam on toast and crackers, as ice-cream topping or mix with oat porridge, or even eat it as it is. But commercially produced jams are high in sugar content and too sweet for our taste bud. There are usually artificial additives and preservatives. We like our jam to be lighter in sugar content, full of fruit flavour and fresh in taste – basically, a “healthier” jam.

We feel that only homemade jam will fit that description. We decided to make our own jam, both for our own consumption and to give to friends as gifts. Well, our friends love them. And we started to produce jam for friends of our friends.

So we thought, if friends like the taste of our jam, why don’t we make it available to people who enjoy good jam? That’s how we started making jam as a business. Until now our jams are still homemade in small batches to maintain fresh quality.

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