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T-Rex Coffee Bean (250g)

Freshly ground for your home use. Toasty with hint of Toffee and Dark Cocoa Notes, all in a resealable bag. Perfect for the French press!
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Coffee Bean name: T-Rex
Coffee bean origin: Brazil, Guatemala & Papua New Guinea Tasting notes: Toasty, Toffee and Dark Cocoa Notes

This coffee bean is a Direct Trade Coffee.
Direct Trade is a direct form of sourcing practised by conscientious (meaning integrity & honest) roasters, cutting out the middle person. By doing this, both the farmers and buyers benefit from this transparent relationship.


Available in form of:

  • Whole Coffee Beans (as whole and original as it gets! Choose this option if you have a grinder at home)

  • Ground Coffee Beans (our team will grind them for you prior to your delivery!)
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