Tanamera Self Care Pack

All self-love items in one box.
Hibiscus Facial Mask (Powdered Sachets), Himalayan Rock Salt Scrub (100g), Signature Brown Soap Bar, and Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer.
RM 110.00 excl tax

About Tanamera:

Started in 1995 by 3 Malaysian siblings, Tanamera core objective is to offer truly natural products, free of chemicals, artificial colour or fragrance. Since then they have expanded to home spa market with a complete spa range of products such as body scrub, massage oils, body and facial mask with an uncompromising focus on using tropical ingredients and an emphasis on Malay beauty treatments that used to be secrets passed down to each generation.

They now have a few retail pop-ups within Klang Valley and the best part, you can purchase body wash and shampoo by bulk weight! Just bring along your recycle containers to fill up. This is great to reduce packaging.


Self Care Pack from Tanamera

- Hibiscus Facial Mask (Powdered Sachets)
- Himilayan Rock Salt Scrub 100g
- Signature Brown Soap Bar
- Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer
(Packed in eco friendly unbleached recycled paper. All Tanamera products are completely natural, no toxic chemical, artificial colour or fragrance is used)