Workshop: Verbal2Visual: The Power of Visual Communication

Monday, November 4, 2019


About this workshop:�
New and different information is easier to remember when it is presented visually. In a fast-moving world, many of us don’t have time to read lengthy paragraphs.

Unlock your latent memory skills in our workshop! First, you’ll learn how to condense a though, and then-how to visualise it through pictures and typography. If all you can draw is a line and circle, you’re already ahead of the game.

Ready? Game in! �


Who should join this workshop?
1. Business managers who needs to record discussions and decisions
2. Anyone who needs to sharpen their presentation skills of facts in visual forms 3. Executives in communication business
4. Facilitator, Trainer or Coach who teach or conduct trainings to others


About Your Trainer:
Chan Wai (Professional Graphic Recorder, INKA) has been in the communication business for over 25 years. Today, he helps organisations like Accenture, Petronas and KPMG communicate visually. He once took part in a gruelling 10-hour session, visually recording the wisdom of 15 different speakers, and emerged to tell the tale.�


Workshop Details:
Date: Sat, 23 November 2019
Time: 10am~3.30pm (break in between)
Venue: Tedboy Express @ Seksyen 51A (PJ)

Fee: RM250 per pax, inclusive of Lunch @ Tedboy.
-All materials, and tools will be provided.
-Bring home your own creation of sketchnoting and skills!


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Kindly take note:
• *Deposit of RM100* would be required to secure a seat for the workshop. Remaining fee (RM150) to be paid to trainer by cash on the day of the workshop.
• Should you be unable to attend after making a deposit, kindly inform us 36 hours in advance, so we may process a refundable deposit.
• Should participant fail to inform and fail to show-up during the workshop date, deposit will not be refunded.

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