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Yarra Farm Master Barista Milk 1L

by Farm Fresh, made of 100% Imported Australian Cow’s Milk.
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Yarra Master Barista Milk (1L)

Yarra Master Barista Milk is the final ingredient to making every cup of coffee Perfect. Made with 100% Premium Fresh Milk. It provides more balance, with perfect latte art and most importantly balanced flavours.

You’ve not tasted the perfect cup of Coffee without Yarra Master Barista Milk.

Nutritional Facts (per 100ml):

  • Energy – 54kcal
  • Carbohydrates – 4.3g
  • Total Fat – 3.8g
  • Protein – 3.4g
  • Calcium – 114mg

Ingredients: 100% Imported Australian Cow’s Milk



Ever since growing up in a small town in Perak, Loi Tuan Ee has held a deep respect for agriculture and a love of nature.

Noticing that many Malaysian brands were selling products made from reconstituted or powdered milk, he decided to purchase a small plot of land in Johor and import 60 Holstein Jersey cows from Australia, setting up The Holstein Milk Company.

His dream? To produce fresh and pure dairy just as nature intended.

Call us old fashioned, but we believe that the best dairy comes from fresh milk, milked from happy cows in a serene farm with the greenest pasture, and untampered by preservatives and any other contaminants.

More about Farm Fresh: www.farmfresh.com.my


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