Restaurant Info

1. What are your operation hours?

Outlet Location Operation Dates Opening Hours
Tedboy Bakery Telawi 4, Bangsar Baru Mon-Sun, daily 7.30am - 10.00pm
Tedboy Bakery The School, Jaya One Mon-Sun, daily 8.00am - 10.00pm
Tedboy Express The Sphere, Bangsar South Mon-Fri
8.00am - 8.00pm
8.00am - 5.00pm
Tedboy Express Menara Standard Charted
(Jln Sultan Ismail)
8.00am - 8.00pm
8.00am - 5.00pm
Em by Tedboy Jalan Pudu, Bukit Bintang Mon-Sat 10.00am - 10.00pm


2. Holiday Hours

Our outlets are most likely to open during public holidays, subjected to location of outlet.


3. Is there a wait? What are the best times to visit?

We are usually popular during morning and lunch, and any time is the best time to visit us! (As long as within operation hours of outlets)


4. What is the difference between Tedboy Bakery and Tedboy Express outlets?

Tedboy Bakery serves wholesome a la carte meals from hot kitchen, while Tedboy Express serves a grab-and-go concept for busy lifestyle, with limited menu items.


5. Do you take any reservations or call-ahead seating?

Yes we do, however not required to reserve, unless for big groups.


6. What kind of food do you serve?

We serve a wide variety of breads and pastries, and delicious cakes, made from all natural, no preservatives and no added flavouring. For our a la carte menu, we serve wholesome food for hungry tummies, suitable for children.


7. How did Tedboy Bakery get its name?

Tedboy Bakery was founded by husband and wife Edward & Patrina, and named after their firstborn, Ted!


8. What is the current promotion? Are there any specials?

Do check out our promotions here!


9. Does Tedboy Bakery offer catering services?

Yes, we do! Do email us at manager@tedboy.com for catering orders for your parties, events and corporate meetings.


10. Where will you be opening future Tedboy Bakery or Tedboy Express branches?

We are looking to expand to more locations within Klang Valley, and hopefully to the whole of Peninsula Malaysia. (We dream big!)


11. Where do I fill out a survey of my visit?

If you are in our outlets, do pick up our Comment Card or Feedback Form, to fill in your survey of your visit to our respective outlets. Otherwise, you can use our Contact Us page to let us know what you think!


12. Where can I get a coupon/voucher?

Our e-vouchers are available online at 11street with an awesome deal! Do check it out at [Tedboy Bakery 11street] and [Em 11street] for more!


13. Do you partner any local charity organisation?

We are currently sending our unsold breads to several organisations to feed the hungry and the homeless. 


14. Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we do! Email us at manager@tedboy.com, and we will see what we can do for you. ;)


15. Is there a free birthday offer in our cafes?
At this moment, we do not have this entitlement.


16. Can I start a franchise or be involved in owning a cafe in any ways?

Currently we are not open for franchising our outlets as we like to keep things under our wing. 


17. Do you serve pork?



18. Do you serve alcohol?



19. Can Tedboy Bakery/Tedboy Express venue be rented for parties or private events?

Yes! Do email us at manager@tedboy.com to check on the availability of space and capacity for your parties and events.


20. I am an event planner. Where can I find rental information?

Do email us at manager@tedboy.com to check on the availability of space and capacity for your parties and events, and our person in charge will get back to you as soon as possible!


21. Do you have parking? Will I have to pay to park?

We do not have allocated private parking for our customers except for our Telawi outlet (for takeaway customers).


22. How can I stay connected with Tedboy Bakery?

Do follow us on our social media networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also our Website.


23. How do I get to Tedboy Bakery and Tedboy Express?

Do check out our maps on Outlets for our maps and how to get there.



Our Menu

1. What is the age requirement for ordering from the Kids Menu?

There is no age requirement, because we believe everyone is young at heart! However do take note that it is also in a child’s portion. :)


2. Why are some items removed periodically from the menu?

We try our best to cater to all taste buds and always to have something new in the menu, to create excitement!


3. Are there healthy options on your menu?

Yes, we do! Our salads are awesome for those with a healthy diet.


4. What oil do you use?
We use olive oil and sunflower oil.

5. Do you have gluten free menu items?

Yes, we do. We have gluten-free cakes, made to order.


6. I am a vegetarian. What can I eat?

Look out for the Vegetarian icon in our menu!


7. I love the dressing and salsa. Can I buy them?

Thank you for loving our homemade recipe for dressing and salsa! Unfortunately, as of now, we are not selling them individually or seperately.


8. Can you customise a cake for me?

Yes, we can! Do email to manager@tedboy.com to enquire about your customisation of cakes, cupcakes and cookies.


9. Are there any menu that contains pork or alcohol? 

None of our food and drinks menu contain pork or alcohol. Our outlets are pork-free, and alcohol-free.


10. Does your cakes and/or chocolate products contain alcohol?

None of our cakes and/or chocolate products contain alcohol.


Gift Cards, Vouchers & Coupons

1. Where can I buy a gift card?

Currently, we do not have gift cards.


2. Where can I find coupons?

Our e-cash vouchers (with great value!) can be obtained from 11street for Tedboy Bakery and 11street for Em.


3. Can I buy a cash voucher from you?

Yes, you can! Please contact manager@tedboy.com to purchase cash voucher from us directly.


4. How much does the cash voucher cost?

We have cash vouchers worth RM5 and RM10, if you are purchasing from us directly.


5. Is there a limit to buying cash vouchers?

There is no limit to buying cash vouchers.


6. How do we pay for the cash vouchers?

You may make the payment by cash, or online bank transfer if you are purchasing from us directly.


Online Store


1. How do I order food via online?

You can go to to our Shop and check our products.


2. How to I access my Tedboy Bakery account?

You can sign in, or login from the main homepage.


3. Do you provide delivery in my area?

Currently we only provide delivery within 15km from our Telawi outlet.


4. Can I trust Tedboy Bakery in all its products and other fresh foods?

Yes you can! All our cakes that you order online are made to order. Our breads, buns and pastries are baked fresh daily!


5. Can I purchase alcohol, tobacco and pork products? 



6. Can I use coupons and cash vouchers for my delivery order?

Yes, you can. Do mention it in the remarks during your online checkout or inform our salesperson at onlineorders@tedboy.com.


7. Will you substitute items that might not be available?

We will inform you if there is unavailability of the products, and you can choose a new product if you wish.


8. Is there a minimum purchase for each online order?

The minimum order is RM40 per order, not inclusive of delivery charges.


9. What are the delivery fees?

The delivery fee is RM5-RM25,depending on area. Any areas that is out of our delivery coverage will incur additional charges, provided if we are able to deliver.


10. Are there any other hidden fees or charges?

There are no hidden fees or charges.


11. What are your shops and delivery hours?

Our delivery hours are from 9am till 5pm, daily.


12. Does it take a long time to place an order?

You may place an order through our online shop in an instant, however the items you ordered are all subject to availability.


13. How far in advance do I need to order?

You may order on the day itself, however we will advice you to place an order at least 48hours before your delivery date and time to ensure availability of products.


14. Can I change or cancel my delivery time after I have placed my order?

As long as you have not made payment, you may call us to cancel as soon as possible.


15. Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

The recipient of the order will have to be available to receive the order, however, any one can receive the order on your behalf, as long as you have informed us.


16. How do I pay for my online order?

You may do so using online bank transfer, and email us the payment slip after you have made the payment for our accounts tracking purposes.


17. Do you accept cheques and Credit Card payments?

Yes, we do! For credit card payment, do inform us beforehand to prepare card device upon delivery. Cheque payment has to be prior delivery except for corporate orders. 


18. What if I receive my delivery order and realise that I ordered the wrong item or I receive an item I didn’t order?

Do contact us immediately at our hotline 1300 80 1008 or email us at onlineorders@tedboy.com. For items ordered wrongly and has been delivered, there will be no reimbursement. For wrong items received, do let us know so we may rectify the situation immediately.


19. What if I am not happy with an item in my order?

Do let us know if there is anything that does not meet your satisfaction, be it quality or taste, so we may investigate and rectify the situation immediately with our bakers and kitchen.


20. Can Tedboy refuse my online order?

We try our best to cater 100% to all our online orders, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you immediately if we refuse your online order, with valid reason.


21. Can I shop for relatives or friends if I live in another city or country?

Yes, you can! As long as payment can be made easily to us, it doesn’t matter where you are!


22. I can’t order online. What gives?

Oh no! We are sorry that this happens to you. Do contact us immediately if it is regarding our website error, and we can process your order via telephone.


23. Is my order refundable?

This will depend on the individual order’s status. 



1. I would like to create a partnership with Tedboy Bakery. Who do I contact?

Do contact our marketing person at melinda@tedboy.com or our main email at manager@tedboy.com



1. What kind of fundraisers and donations does Tedboy Bakery support?

We support fundraisers and donations that are relevant with our branding and mission & vision.


2. Where do I go for more information about sponsorship, donations and in-cafe fundraiser opportunities?

Do contact us at manager@tedboy.com to enquire more about this.


3. How can my non-profit organisation raise money outside of in-cafe fundraisers?

Do contact us at manager@tedboy.com to enquire more about this.


Employment & Internship

1. How can I apply for a job at Tedboy Bakery or at a new outlet location?

Email us at manager@tedboy.com together with your resume, preferred position and preferred location. Our managers will be in touch with you to arrange for an interview.


2. Can I apply for internship at Tedboy?

We welcome all students to apply for internship at our outlets. Do contact us at manager@tedboy.com to enquire more details,


Company Information

1. Does Tedboy Bakery offer franchise opportunities?

Currently we are not open for franchising our outlets as we like to keep things under our wing.


2. Does Tedboy Bakery supply to corporate clients or cafe and restaurants?

Yes, we do! We provide wholesale products to corporate clients and other F&B outlets. Do contact us at manager@tedboy.com and our sales person will be in touch with you.



Advertising Vendor Inquiries

1. I want to do a co-marketing/partnership with Tedboy Bakery.

Email to our marketing person at melinda@tedboy.com to enquire for more, or alternatively, you can email to manager@tedboy.com and our person in charge will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


2. I want to display my products on Tedboy shelves/website.

Email to our marketing person at melinda@tedboy.com to enquire for more, or alternatively, you can email to manager@tedboy.com and our person in charge will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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