Enjoy hassle free iftar together with your family and friends. Suitable for 5-6pax. This set comse with 5 bottles of Pink Guava Juice
Tender whole chicken marinated in aromatic spices, served with fragrant Nasi Minyak, tangy acar, and crispy papadam. Cucumber slices, Lemon slices, cherry tomatoes, raisins, cashew nuts.This set comes with 2 type of sauce! Perfect for your open house or small gathering.
RM 160.00 incl tax RM 168.00 incl tax
Enjoy hassle free iftar together with your family and friends.
Tender chicken leg blend in flavourful spices with chickpeas, carrots, and garnished with fresh pomegranate, coriander & parsley and served with cous cous, papadam with chef's signature sour sauce
RM 23.00 incl tax
Bring this giftset to hometown with you! Perfect gift for your friends or to your corporate partners. This set consist of 2 flavour of cookies in a bag with handle. Decorated with matching ribbon and festive sticker. Raya-themed a special message card to complete the touch!
RM 65.00 incl tax
Enjoy hassle free iftar together with your family and friends.
Creamy coconut milk with tiger prawns, chili, lemongrass, and aromatic spices, served with fragrant thyme rice. Accompanied by acar and crispy papadam.
RM 24.00 incl tax
Lift up your Raya mood with Eid themed cupcakes!
This set consist of 3 flavours cupcakes with hidden filling, chocolate ganache, peanut butter chocolate and red velvet cream cheese (2pcs each!) and comes with ribbon and festive sticker.
RM 36.80 incl tax
3 type of cookies in a set! Suitable for gifting or even for yourself.
From RM 55.20 incl tax RM 69.00 incl tax
Tender and juicy chicken is coated with a creamy buttermilk sauce infused with the delightful aroma of curry leaves. best serve with herbed rice accompanied with fresh side salad ready to fill up your tummy.
RM 21.00 incl tax
Experience the joy of our Coffee-Soaked Ladyfingers layered with light, airy premium mascarpone cheese, egg yolks, and cream - a blissful indulgence that will leave you craving more.
RM 80.00 incl tax
Who said you can't eat like a king during lunchtime? Enjoy our 5-meals set from satisfying Baked Chicken Lasagna to flavorful Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang, to freshly-made Chicken Avocado Sandwich and Club Sandwich. Comes with FREE drink of the day!
RM 0.00 incl tax
How to make your kids eat fibre? Moist Carrot Cake with some walnut for crunch, covered with cream cheese!
RM 80.00 incl tax
Try our delicious dark chocolate cake like no other. Made with rich cocoa, a layer of crunchy feuilletine, and topped with dark chocolate ganache, this cake is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
Available in below sizes:

6in, approximately 900g
8in, approximately 1.6kg (lead time: 3-5 days)
RM 88.00 incl tax
The BBQ Chicken is lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection, while the Egg Mayo and Tuna Mayo will give you a creamy and satisfying experience.

32 pieces (mini) per catering box
RM 120.00 incl tax