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Durian Cheesecake 4"

RM 35.00 excl tax

Bundle: 4 Catering Boxes

RM 0.00 excl tax

Bundle: 6 Catering Boxes

RM 0.00 excl tax

Family of Buns

RM 27.40 excl tax RM 24.66 excl tax

Family of Danish 1

RM 40.00 excl tax RM 36.00 excl tax

[RAYA] Red Velvet Cookies

RM 30.00 excl tax

[RAYA] Cookies Set

RM 60.00 excl tax

Traditional Sourdough

RM 12.00 excl tax

Mini Brownies (16pcs/tray)

RM 55.00 excl tax

For those who have tried this, we know that you can't get enough of it! One of our bestseller at RIUH Raya Souk (Laku keras, baru je letak dah habis :D)

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Welcome this Ramadan with Tedboy's delectable dishes and baked goods!

Kindly be informed that there will be a price revision on our products starting 1st March 2022. We thank you for your kind understanding and continuous support.

Tantalise your tastebuds with our latest pasta dish at selected Tedboy outlets!
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