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Mini Caramel Brownies (36pcs/Tray)

Fudgy, flaky and moist Caramel Brownies is definitely a must get dessert. What a chewy and sweet perfection!

36pcs of brownies per tray.
RM 100.00 excl tax

Rustic Cranberry Walnut Sourdough (800g)

Lovingly cared for starter dough, fermented over 24 hours before baking. We've handled with it with care.

Next Day Delivery onwards.
RM 16.00 excl tax RM 14.40 excl tax

Sourdough (850g)

This improved version of sourdough goes through 24 hours of fermentation before baking. It is sour, crunchy and tasty.

Available only for next-day delivery.
RM 10.00 excl tax

Mini Brownies (16pcs/tray)

Moist and rich chocolate taste. You simply cannot get enough of it!
16pcs on 6 inch cake tray
RM 55.00 excl tax

Mom's Basic Care Pack

Surprise your mother with the Basic Care Pack and put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day!
RM 90.00 excl tax RM 80.00 excl tax

Mom's Indulgence Care Pack

Mothers deserve the very best! Get your hands on this Exclusive Care Pack, made with love. For the years of selflessness, make her feel special this time!
RM 196.00 excl tax RM 180.00 excl tax

PrimaFlour Plain Flour 1kg

All purpose flour, best used for making cakes, pancakes, pastries and batter.
RM 6.95 excl tax

PrimaFlour Bread Flour 1kg

A high protein flour ideal for making all varieties of bread, buns and other flour-based products.
RM 8.95 excl tax