Drop & Go Catering

We offer a drop & go catering options to all sizes of meetings and gatherings, to be delivered straight to your home

What we do is, we will deliver your catering orders, arranged and stacked in our recyclable food-grade catering "boxes" or individual packed plant-fiber lunch boxes which allows you to serve to your guest immediately without any hassle. These "boxes" are sturdy, and looks good when presenting to your guests.

Family of Buns

A mixture of favourite buns for the family, friends or loved ones. One piece for everyone. No one is left behind!
RM 23.20 excl tax RM 20.80 excl tax

Family of Danish 1

The nation's favourites! Danish pastries that are made from scratch. Rich, sweet, and flaky. Everyone in the family can taste the goodness.
RM 42.60 excl tax RM 38.34 excl tax

Family Of Danish 2

These Danish pastries are made completely from scratch. Crisp, tender, light, and flaky. You will never forget that very first bite. Take them home!
RM 38.20 excl tax RM 34.38 excl tax

Donation RM15 to SHELTER Home

Donation to SHELTER Home For Children, and you'll receive a complimentary calendar from the charity home.
RM 15.00 excl tax

Donation RM50 to SHELTER Home

Donation to SHELTER Home For Children, and you'll receive a complimentary calendar from the charity home.
RM 50.00 excl tax

Club Sandwich (Ala Carte)

Three layers of toasted wholemeal bread slices, packed with turkey ham, fried egg, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce.
RM 19.00 excl tax

Curry Chicken Pumpkin Rice (Ala Carte)

Tedboy’s creamy chicken curry infused with sweet pumpkin, red chilli and curry leaves.
RM 18.00 excl tax

Fried Chicken Carbonara (Ala Carte)

Creamy pasta with fried chicken thigh served with mushroom sauce
RM 17.00 excl tax

Green Curry Chicken Rice (Ala Carte)

Aromatic coconut milk-based sauce filled with chicken, fresh basil, eggplant, red chilli, cucumber and tomato.
RM 18.00 excl tax

BBQ Chicken, Egg Mayo & Tuna Mayo Sandwiches Catering Box

Sandwiched between wholemeal bread slices are 3 savoury and delicious fillings!

32 pieces per catering box.
RM 105.00 excl tax

Mini Butter Croissant Sandwich Catering Box

Signature mini butter croissants with savoury fillings in between.

20 assorted pieces per catering box
RM 100.00 excl tax

Asian Chicken Rice (Ala carte)

Asian-styled chicken with sweet gravy, served with warm thyme rice
RM 15.00 excl tax

Avocado & Egg Sandwich (To-Go)

Eggs, avocados mash, cucumber and a drizzle of lemon juice in between Tedboy's wholemeal bread slices. Meat-free days sorted!
RM 13.00 excl tax

Ayam Percik Rice (Ala Carte)

Local favourite chicken thigh with percik sauce and side salad, sprinkled with sesame seed and red chilli
RM 15.00 excl tax

Baked Chicken Lasagna (Ala Carte)

Homemade baked minced chicken with lasagna layers and lots of cheese, served with side salad
RM 16.00 excl tax

Baked Spiced Chicken with Rice (Ala Carte)

Marinated spiced chicken served with side salad and homemade sambal belacan
RM 17.00 excl tax