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Moist chocolate cupcakes top with soft & creamy chocolate cream, is a hit among chocolate lovers!
Sold in box of 6, 12 or 25.
RM 36.00 incl tax
Great as a healthy breakfast or tea time snack.

Sold in single piece. Minimum order 2pcs
RM 6.50 incl tax
Creamy peanut butter eggless chocolate cupcakes that is a hit with vegetarians!
Sold in box of 6, 12 and 25 pieces.
RM 36.00 incl tax
Unworldly moist, very buttery, with a hint of chocolate goodness.
Sold in box of 6, 12 or 25 pieces.
RM 36.00 incl tax
Each bite of this exquisite vanilla hokkaido cupcake offers a heavenly blend of soft, fluffy chiffon cake and a light, creamy vanilla frosting (in mini size!).Sold in 9 pcs in a box.
RM 36.00 incl tax
Chunky walnut amidst bites of banana pound cake, this cake is made with real bananas and no artificial flavouring.
RM 5.50 incl tax
Thick slice of classic buttery chocolate pound cake.
RM 5.50 incl tax
Thick slice of buttery dense cake made with abundance of mixed fruit and raisins.
RM 5.50 incl tax
Discover a zesty taste from this slice of buttery pound cake filled with poppy seeds.
RM 5.50 incl tax
Try our delicious dark chocolate cake like no other. Made with rich cocoa, a layer of crunchy feuilletine, and topped with dark chocolate ganache, this cake is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
RM 17.00 incl tax
Moist, sweet, soft and ridiculously delicious. Mega banana flavours that will make you go bananas.

100% bananas with no flavoring! This banana cake is made with ripe bananas. Sweet but not overpowering. Its fluffy and moist. Good for breakfast or tea time. (Product Weight Approx: 330g)
Size: 17.5cmX4.5cmX7cm
RM 14.00 incl tax
Soft and creamy chilled cheese cake, topped and filled with rich blueberry filling!
RM 15.50 incl tax