Hot Food

Tedboy is the place for wholesome, delicious 5 star sandwiches. Our chefs create the perfect blend of flavors with the freshest ingredients. Enjoy our specialty sandwiches and hot food, made with love and care every time. Try us today!

Lemongrass Chicken Rice

RM 20.00 incl tax

Mango Avo Salsa Wrap

RM 19.00 incl tax

Vegetarian Curry Spaghetti

RM 19.00 incl tax

Chicken Poppers

RM 17.50 incl tax

Club Sandwich

RM 23.00 incl tax

Rustic Tomato Soup (Veg)

RM 15.00 incl tax

Super Saver 5

RM 0.00 incl tax