Bread & Pastries

The nation's favourites! Danish pastries that are made from scratch. Rich, sweet, and flaky. Everyone in the family can taste the goodness.
RM 49.40 incl tax
These Danish pastries are made completely from scratch. Crisp, tender, light, and flaky. You will never forget that very first bite. Take them home!
RM 45.20 incl tax
A mixture of favourite buns for the family, friends or loved ones. One piece for everyone. No one is left behind!
RM 33.00 incl tax
Fluffy and creamy garlic bun!
Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 5.80 incl tax
Think apple crumble flavours in a lovely butter pastry base. Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 4.50 incl tax
Sprinkled with Icing Sugar, this Crunchy danish Pastry filled with melted Belgium Chocolate. Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 5.20 incl tax
Sweet blueberry and pastry. Freshly baked only for you. Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 4.90 incl tax
Endless buttery layers between the croissant's creating the soft texture. A great breakfast treat! Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 6.50 incl tax
Chicken slice in fluffy bun!
Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 3.30 incl tax
Rolled pastry dipped in cinnamon sauce and bake to perfection, topped with icing sugar. Min quantity is 6pcs.
RM 5.20 incl tax
Beautifully hand-made butter pastry with rich creamy chicken mushroom filling made with love! Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 4.90 incl tax
Our popular buttery and flaky pastry. Plain butter croissant and hazelnut choc croissants, bundled together.
RM 46.50 incl tax