About Us


Who We Are

We are a determined, highly passionate group of foodies and bakers, who love great baked goods, with nothing to hide. As a Malaysian brand build from scratch, we have navigated the landscape for 12 years providing tasty, quality food consistently to our customers either at our retail stores of via deliveries.

We eat what we produce daily, because we believe in what we make.


What We Stand For

At Tedboy, providing the best to our consumers is our priority. To us, that means putting our consumers first in every step of decision we make–from the quality of products by using premium and also sustainable ingredients that does not harm the environment; to listening to our consumers on what they would like to see on the shelves as well as critiques and comments that would help us improve and serve our consumer better.



Why We Do What We Do

Imagine a world where, as consumers, we are confident enough to purchase a product off the shelf with confidence in the ingredients used and the source of it in making the product. That buying anything off the shelf on a normal and regular basis, is deemed safe to consume by all ages. And that no delicious food is questionable on their contents.

Providing healthier wholesome food, for you and your family, with transparency on the ingredients of the products. We started to offer drop and go catering boxes for small group meetings, as well as for larger events such as company annual dinner parties, wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, and seasonal events for corporate companies. Additionally, we provide surprise lunch or light bites delivery services for corporate companies.


Our Values

Transparency - We believe that the key to trust is being transparent and honest about our products. We do not hide what we do & we are a halal-certified central kitchen!

Sustainability - Highlighting sustainable practices such as eco friendly packaging, locally sourced ingredients, and waste reduction efforts to lessen environmental burden.

People - Made of multinational and multicultural staff, we appreciate diversity and has no biased-ness towards anyone.

Success - We measure our success through the happy faces of our customers, friends and our team. If they are satisfied with our products, it means that we are providing great value and the best products to their business and life.

Collaboration - We love to collaborate with like minded people and customers, in creating a better ecosystem for everyone to thrive. Nature is build upon abundance. We believe in Win Win.

Energy - We encourage positivity and learning to promote growth for personal and for our business

Support - From our colleagues and community to our customers, we believe in providing the best for our loyal people, by listening to their feedbacks, comments and criticism, for us to improve and be better than yesterday.

Ownership - We take responsibility to our shortfalls. We see failures as a way to learn and improve, as long as they are followed by finding solutions to the issues.


It All Started Here

In 2012, husband and wife Edward and Patrina decided to start a small humble bakery after the birth of their firstborn, Ted. Having Ted has encouraged them to provide healthy and good food for their family. Hence Tedboy's flagship store was built.

Along the road in food and beverage business, both our founders decided to serve hot food (cafe-restaurant style) in our bakeries as we expand in new locations as well as renovations to cater to more customers within our outlets. One will be able to enjoy western and fusion food in our Bakery outlets, as well as our grab-and-go Express outlets. 


Reach Us Today For Your Party & Catering!

Office phone number: 1 300 80 1008 / +018 392 9932

Email Address: manager@tedboy.com

Website address: www.tedboy.com