[NEW] Cheese Mayo Bun Catering Box

Cheesy, gooey with extra crisp and creamy mayonnaise. Is this the chosen bun? Yes, it is.

30 pcs in a box
RM 39.00 excl tax RM 27.30 excl tax

[NEW] Chicken Floss Bun Catering Box

Sure does catch bread lovers attention, this soft and fluffy bun topped with chicken floss will make you drool!

30 pcs in a box
RM 39.00 excl tax RM 27.30 excl tax

Almond Biscotti Cookie

Crunchy thinly-sliced oblong-shaped biscotti with generous amount of almonds.
RM 19.90 excl tax RM 13.93 excl tax

Almond-Lemon Gluten-Free Cake (Whole)

Soft, moist crumb and is lightly sweet with a pop of lemon flavour, topped with lots of sliced almonds.
RM 60.00 excl tax RM 42.00 excl tax

BBQ Chicken, Egg Mayo & Tuna Mayo Sandwiches Catering Box

Sandwiched between wholemeal bread slices are 3 savoury and delicious fillings!

32 pieces per catering box.
RM 105.00 excl tax RM 73.50 excl tax

Chic Pepperoni Pizza Baguette

Thick and crunchy baguette, topped with chicken pepperoni and melted cheese. (Baked and Sold in 2s)
RM 6.00 excl tax RM 4.20 excl tax

Chocolate Gluten-Free Cake (Whole)

Taste of luxurious chocolate, this cake will definitely melt in your mouth!
RM 60.00 excl tax RM 42.00 excl tax

Coffee Kick Swiss Roll

Coffee lovers, welcome aboard! We've made a coffee flavoured swiss roll especially for you. A balance of sweet and bitterness. Perfection.
RM 14.00 excl tax RM 9.80 excl tax

Drop & Go Party Catering

Hassle-free party catering food for small to medium party or gathering! Suitable for 25~30pax.
RM 350.00 excl tax

Frozen Pizza Baguette - Box of 8s

After countless of hours working on this to achieve the absolute taste. This crispy crunchy crust, airy, golden brown and savoury baguette is definitely the best.

Box of 8 pieces
RM 40.00 excl tax RM 28.00 excl tax

Meal For 5 (Best Value)

Hot food ranging from Gourmet Sandwich, Rice and Pasta. Made to order for 5 pax with complimentary drink & mini brownies.
RM 0.00 excl tax

Mini Cakes Catering Box

Mini bites of Tedboy's cakes all in one tray!

30 pieces per catering box (OUT OF STOCK)
RM 120.00 excl tax RM 84.00 excl tax

Mini Wholemeal Muffin Box

Made from wholemeal flour, this hearty and healthy muffin is perfect for the kids lunch boxes! We're bringing 4 best flavours for our customers.
2 pieces per flavour in 1 box.
RM 20.00 excl tax RM 14.00 excl tax

Pandan Kaya Swiss Roll

Another classic that is wonderful with every bite that you take. This cake is moist with a twist of Malaysian flavours. Made with fresh pandan juice and coconut milk.
RM 15.00 excl tax RM 10.50 excl tax

Sweet Potato Swiss Roll

It started as a seasonal flavour, but made to stay due to overwhelming response! Made from 100% purple sweet potato sponge cake and cream that's make you go, "Oh yum!".
RM 15.00 excl tax RM 10.50 excl tax

Tuna Delight Pizza Baguette

Crabsticks and Tuna with Thousand Island sauce on our signature baguette. We've also added melted cheese on top! (Baked and Sold in 2s)
RM 6.00 excl tax RM 4.20 excl tax