Meal For 5 (Best Value)

A selection of hot food ranging from Gourmet Sandwich, Rice and Pasta, made to order for 5 pax with FREE 5 drinks of the day! Also includes 5 mini brownies.
RM 0.00 excl tax

Raya Di Rumah Cupcakes (12s)

Moist chocolate chip cupcakes topped with themed edible sugar-sheet Raya designs!
Sold in box of 12s
RM 72.00 excl tax RM 50.40 excl tax

Apple Blueberry Crumble (Whole)

Classic baked apple crumble. Whole 9in Cake. (Requires 2 days lead time)
RM 90.00 excl tax RM 63.00 excl tax

Banana Walnut Pound Cake (Whole)

Chunky walnuts amidst bites of banana pound cake, this cake is made with real bananas!
RM 22.00 excl tax RM 15.40 excl tax

Belgium Chocolate Danish

Sold in 6s
RM 4.50 excl tax RM 3.15 excl tax

Cempedak Friands Catering Box

"Muffin" cakes made from almond flour and egg white, filled with local cempedak.

24 pieces per catering box.
RM 90.00 excl tax RM 63.00 excl tax

Charcoal Loaf (Whole)

Whole Loaf. Sliced and packed in 2 packets of half-loaf
RM 9.00 excl tax RM 6.30 excl tax

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Double-sinful chocolate chip cookies, perfect for evening tea time!
RM 15.00 excl tax RM 10.50 excl tax