Cakes & Cookies

Discover Tedboy's handmade cakes, cookies, and other treats. Our passionate young bakers create delicious desserts made with love from scratch. Let us bring some of the finest pastries to your next gathering or special occasion.

Choc sponge cake with choc nut spread, choc bites & wafer bar, covered with choc fresh cream and decorated with festive trinkets.
RM 110.00 incl tax
Create sweet memories with your loved ones at Tedboy!
The sweetness of mashed bananas combined with dark chocolate and wonderfully coated with smooth ganache, topped with fresh strawberry and dusted with sugar powder.
RM 45.00 incl tax
Try our delicious dark chocolate cake like no other. Made with rich cocoa, a layer of crunchy feuilletine, and topped with dark chocolate ganache, this cake is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
Available in below sizes:

6in, approximately 900g
8in, approximately 1.6kg (lead time: 3-5 days)
RM 88.00 incl tax
Made with fresh cream and topped with fresh fruits such as kiwi and peach!

Available in below sizes:
6in, approximately 900g
8in, approximately 1.7kg (lead time: 3-5 days)
RM 75.00 incl tax
This is a great combination of traditional Malaysian ingredients, baked into crispy cookies.

Weight: 170g
RM 19.00 incl tax
Enjoy a variety of mini cakes including mini brownies, banana pound cake, New York Cheese cake and mini carrot moist cake – all in one box! Let our delicious cakes bring a taste of joy to your next event or gathering.
16 pieces per tray.
RM 80.00 incl tax
Mixture of 2 type of brownies. Moist and rich chocolate taste. You simply cannot get enough of it!
36pcs of brownies per tray.
RM 130.00 incl tax
Our signature cake from Day 1! Light fluffy vanilla sponge cake layered with strawberries and fresh cream inspired by the Japanese who does it best.
This cake is crammed with juicy strawberries between layers of light, fluffy vanilla sponge. This product is sensitive, keep refridgerated at all times.

Available in below sizes:
8in (lead time: 3-5 days)
RM 85.00 incl tax
Made from real Earl Grey tea leaves. Perfect for your tea party!
RM 19.00 incl tax
Purely handmade choux pastry topped with delicious flavours on top and creamy fillings inside. Fresh and perfectly baked. Yum! 21 assorted pieces per catering box
RM 115.00 incl tax
Velvety smooth hazelnut praline with a hint of salt, between luxuriously moist Valrhona chocolate cake

Available in 2 sizes:
Approximately 850g for 6inch cake
Approximately 1.5kg for 8inch cake [pre-order 3days]
RM 80.00 incl tax
This palate pleaser is a combination of Gula Melaka's sweetness mixed with the elegant and smooth taste of Vanilla. Definitely a 100/100.

Product Weight Approx: 350g
Product Measurements (inch): 6.7 (l) x 3.14 (w) x 2.4 (h)
RM 16.00 incl tax