International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women - while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality.
Green Packaging And Alternatives

Nowadays, most packaging consists mostly or partially of plastic as it’s both impermeable to water and lasts a long time. Adding to the fact that it’s cheap and easily mass produced resulted in many production companies utilising it in their products. As a result of that, it has become one the largest contributing factor of environmental pollution, from our jungles to the ocean traces of litter and plastic can be seen, even in secluded areas where there is little to no human traffic.
Why Tedboy Wants You To Use Reusable Bags

Totebags have been around for many years, we just didn’t realise it as it appears in many other forms and materials. Our ancestors or grandparents have been using it for their morning grocery shopping, and the bags (more commonly known as ‘market basket’ during that time) were made of sturdier materials such as woven rattan, or recycled bamboo and more. During those times, these baskets are hard and not always easy to store.
Standard Chartered Opens First Integrated Café Banking Branch

Bringing in a homegrown Malaysian brand such as Tedboy to walk this journey with us was a fitting choice, as it weaves in with our mission to help promising local businesses establish and expand their presence. We also have award-winning Malaysian designer Melinda Looi refreshing the uniform for our frontline employees, in line with our agenda to support women entrepreneurship.

Over the past three months, Tedboy has successfully soft launched our Markers Weekend! Before delve deeper and get to know our past collaboration with talented crafters, let us tell you a bit about Makers Weekend. Beginning of September 2019, Tedboy has organised interesting workshops for anyone to participate during the weekends, diverse workshops content, not limited to art and craft but also other creative and hobby activities. Our aim is to gather you and your peers, or for you to meet new friends by having a fun and meaningful time together during the hands-on sessions as well as provide an out-of-room environment for all workshop attendees.
Eliminating the Middle Man

Coffee is a common beverage nowadays and some people might treat it more than just a caffeinated drink. Coffee means different things to different people, some equate it to relaxation, a sense of maturity (an adult drink!) or an energy-booster to get through work.

It's going to be the scariest but the most fun time of the year. Yes, Halloween! Which means you may start to see bloody and mary decorations all around the city corners.
Tips To Combat Haze

The air pollution index in Malaysia is on a rise, especially our biggest city in Kuala Lumpur, we all need to stay hydrated and healthy to beat the haze recently. Hence, we have marked down 7 tips for you to protect yourself from toxic air during the hazy days!