Tedboy Egg Tarts are a delightful combination of a buttery, flaky crust and a creamy, custard-like filling with just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your cravings.

20 pieces per box.
RM 70.00 incl tax
Classic Good Ol' White Loaf. Still the best of all types of loaves. Sliced and packed in 2 packets of half-loaf.
RM 7.50 incl tax
Bite into the freshness of our Apple Danish, the creamy sweetness of our Pandan Kaya Danish, the juicy goodness of our Mango Danish and the cheesy richness of our Cheese Pudding Danish.

Mixture of sweet and fruity freshly baked danish for sharing.

21 assorted pieces per catering box.
RM 85.00 incl tax
Mini "pies" filled with cheese, and swirled with assorted filling. Presented in a catering box as per pictured.
RM 120.00 incl tax
Les Vergers Du Mékong chooses to develop fruit juices and nectars only from fresh fruits ethically sourced in Vietnam.
RM 13.00 incl tax
Signature mini butter croissants with savoury fillings in between. 2pcs per box A Chicken & cheese croissant sandwich and a tuna mayo croissant sandwich in a box!
RM 12.00 incl tax
20 stunning stalks of soap Carnation bouquet and elegantly wrapped. A perfect combination of elegance and love for the special woman in your life.
A sweet and thoughtful gift for the sweetest person in the world! Even better, make it as a surprise gift.
Pre-order 2 days in advance.
RM 100.00 incl tax
Introducing Tedboy Mothers Day Special Edition Cupcake!
This set comes with 3 delightful flavours cupcakes
Special gift for the special person in our life.
RM 48.00 incl tax