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Endless buttery layers between the croissant's creating the soft texture. A great breakfast treat! Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 6.50 incl tax
It's the time of the year again, where ghouls and spiders come out to play!
Available in handcrafted assorted designs at RM6 per pack, sold in 10s online. Halloween cookies design will be random! Limited stocks do order early to avoid disappointment.
RM 65.00 incl tax
Buttery layers of pastry filled with chocolate hazelnut cream, drizzled with chocolate hazelnut and walnut crumbs.Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 9.00 incl tax
Our popular buttery and flaky pastry. Plain butter croissant and hazelnut choc croissants, bundled together.
RM 46.50 incl tax
Fluffy and creamy garlic bun!
Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 5.80 incl tax