Products tagged with 'refreshing'

Mango’s fresh fruit with coconut syrup flavour refreshing the perfect way to cool off and satisfy our thirst.
RM 15.00 incl tax
Classic mocktail combination for a refreshing thirst quencher!
RM 15.00 incl tax
Made with fresh grapefruit and thyme, this drink is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day.
RM 15.00 incl tax
Perfectly sweet and delicious homemade peach iced tea made with fresh peaches and a tasty blend of Earl Grey and watermelon.
RM 15.00 incl tax
Fizzy based drink with sweet lychee fruit
RM 12.00 incl tax
A refreshing, fruity drink to enjoy on hot days.
RM 11.00 incl tax