Cakes & Cookies

Discover Tedboy's handmade cakes, cookies, and other treats. Our passionate young bakers create delicious desserts made with love from scratch. Let us bring some of the finest pastries to your next gathering or special occasion.

Soft and creamy chilled cheese cake, topped and filled with rich blueberry filling!
RM 15.50 incl tax
Coffee-soaked Joconde, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, topped with chocolate glaze
RM 15.00 incl tax
Well-blended combination of carrots, walnuts for crunch & cream cheese for taste
RM 11.00 incl tax
Our New York Cheesecake is rich, dense, smooth and creamy with a hint of orange taste!
RM 16.50 incl tax
Creamy no-bake cheesecake with the world's most famous cookie, Oreos!
RM 16.50 incl tax
Old school favourite pandan layer cake
RM 9.00 incl tax
Chunky walnut amidst bites of banana pound cake, this cake is made with real bananas and no artificial flavouring.
RM 5.00 incl tax
Coffee lovers, welcome aboard! We've made a coffee flavoured swiss roll especially for you. A balance of sweet and bitterness. Perfection.
RM 16.00 incl tax
Soft, Juicy and fluffy shortcake
RM 15.00 incl tax
Coffee soaked ladyfingers layered with light airy premium mascarpone cheese, egg yolks and cream.
RM 15.00 incl tax
The crust is rich & buttery, while the lemon filling is smooth & creamy.
RM 10.00 incl tax
Thick slice of classic buttery chocolate pound cake.
RM 5.00 incl tax