Cakes & Cookies

Discover Tedboy's handmade cakes, cookies, and other treats. Our passionate young bakers create delicious desserts made with love from scratch. Let us bring some of the finest pastries to your next gathering or special occasion.

This soft, rich and fudgy Mini Caramel Brownies. You can never get your hands off it.

16pcs on 6 inch cake tray.
RM 69.00 incl tax
Fudgy, flaky and moist Caramel Brownies is definitely a must get dessert. What a chewy and sweet perfection!

36pcs of brownies per tray.
RM 120.00 incl tax
Dark Chocolate Ganache cake. Limited stock available!
RM 155.00 incl tax
Our New York Cheesecake is rich, dense, smooth and creamy with a hint of orange taste! Available in 9in only.
RM 180.00 incl tax RM 155.00 incl tax
Definite crunch when you bite into this nutty crunchy giant cookie! Sold in 2s.
RM 5.50 incl tax
Indulge in the classic combination of chocolate chips and raisins in every bite, without any worries. These delightful, gluten-free cookies are made with top quality ingredients, giving you a delicious treat that's both healthy and guilt-free. Perfect for your tea time!
RM 21.00 incl tax
Craving something sweet and vegan-friendly? Look no further than our delicious Coconut Vegan Cookies. They are made with coconut oil and organic ingredients, giving you the perfect balance of nutrition and deliciousness. With no dairy, eggs, or cholesterol, these cookies are the perfect guilt-free snack for any vegan. Enjoy the irresistible flavor of Coconut Vegan Cookies today!
RM 21.00 incl tax
Eggless chocolate sponge cake with peanut buttercream and sauce, topped with chocolate sticks
RM 78.00 incl tax
Made with fresh cream and topped with fresh fruits such as kiwi and peach!
RM 12.00 incl tax
Gingerbread-spiced cookies with hand- drawn icing sugar festive theme.

Sold in a tin of 7 assorted pieces.
RM 48.00 incl tax
Delectable special *3* flavours, in box of 12s or 24s.
RM 90.00 incl tax
Each bite of this exquisite vanilla hokkaido cupcake offers a heavenly blend of soft, fluffy chiffon cake and a light, creamy vanilla frosting (in mini size!).Sold in 9 pcs in a box.
RM 36.00 incl tax