Cempedak Friands Catering Box

"Muffin" cakes made from almond flour and egg white, filled with local cempedak.

24 pieces per catering box.
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Mini "muffins" made with egg whites and almond flour, filled with cempedak filling. Smells and taste so delicious! Our twist on the local Cempedak Cekodok, baked instead of deep fried.

24 pieces per box. Suitable for 6-8 persons

All our baked products are made-to-order and baked fresh daily.

What is Tedboy's Drop & go Catering Concept?

We offer a drop & go catering options to all sizes of meetings and social gatherings, to be delivered straight to your doorstep!

What we do is, we will deliver your catering orders, arranged and stacked in our recyclable food-grade catering "boxes" (as you see in the picture!) which allows you to serve to your guest immediately without any hassle. These "boxes" are sturdy, and looks good when presenting to your guests.

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