Mango Delight Cake (Whole)

Mango mousse cake made with real mango puree, sponge fingers and topped with peach slices and chocolate decoration.
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One of our bestsellers to our fruit-loving customers, this mango mousse cake with mouth-watering sliced peaches held together by our very own recipe of sponge fingers, is a light cake, with not-overly-sweet taste.


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Reviews of our cake on EatCakeToday:

The cake tastes so good and fresh. -WomanInRed

Though this is not as pretty as those designer cakes, but overall it tasted delicious and love the bright colour from the mango. - Wu C

Light & refreshing cake. Make sure it is kept in the fridge. - Mars

The cake tasted good,especially the topping! - KM Cheng

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Ingredients Mango puree, mango mousse, peaches, strawberry, eggs, flour, sugar
Weight ± 900g for 6in cake
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